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Carnival of Venice

See also : the 2014 edition (15 or 22 february - 4 march) and the 2013 edition of the carnival in Venice

venice carnivalIn 1094 the carnival was already mentioned in a document of the Doge, and in 1269 the Senate prescribed that one was to regard the day before of the Lent as one feastday (fatty Tuesday).

For the period which usually went from December 26 to the Lent, the Venetian ones had fun in the streets, while carrying multicoloured masks and costumes. Formerly, these disguises allowed all the Venetian ones, whatever their social condition, to take part to the festival.

The carnival was stopped under the French occupation then under Austrian at the beginning of XIXth, it reappeared in 1979.
It is today one of the carnivals most known in the world. However, environment is not anymore the same, and the disguises have also evolved.

Carnival of Venice

During these few feastdays, tourists flow of the whole world. All the hotels are complete several months in advance. The climax of the carnival is the day of Fatty Tuesday.



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