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Flood, Acqua alta

Acqua Alta ("High water") in Venice corresponds to the periods of more or less important floods in the city during the high tides. These phenomena are frequent, especially in winter but remain not very forecastable because they depend on several factors (among its, the astronomical coefficient of tide, but not only: winds…).
The tight boots are essential during these phenomena !
The general depression of the city during these last decades contributed to increase the Aqua Alta frequency.
To be informed about the tides level envisaged in the next days, see the following link :

Centro maree - comune di Venezia : www.comune.venezia.it

Usually the acqua alta starts with a level of 80 cm over the "zero" maregraphic (median value). Under 100 cm, the floods are weak and concern only the lowest levels of the city, but over 100 cm, the streets begin concerned. (Flood lower than 3,5% with 100 cm). Between 110 and 140, the tide is known as very constant, the flood concerns 12% (110 cm), 35% (120 cm), 69% (130 cm), 90% (140 cm).
To make possible to the pedestrians to circulate dry, footbridges are installed during big tides, a map is available here :

Centro maree - Atlante passerelle 2007/2008 : www.comune.venezia.it

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